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News – County Supervisor Jesse Armendarez Secures $10 Million for Homeless Housing Projects 02/06/2024
Armendarez Adopts Resolution to Protect Families and Children from Sexually Violent Predators 07/12/2023
San Bernardino County News Now | May 2023 05/31/2023
Supervisor Armendarez Announces Completion of Beuatification of Merced Williams and Rains House 05/09/2023
Health officials urge residents to protect themselves from mosquito-borne diseases 04/19/2023
Storm Response Update – County leads FEMA, other agencies on tour in effort to secure aid 03/30/2023
Storm Response Update – Snow removal payback program serves nearly 2,000 03/29/2023
County Update – Supervisors direct $72.2 million to fight homelessness 03/28/2023
Storm Response Update – Supervisors create mountain business grant program 03/28/2023
Storm Response Update – County LACs serve thousands of mountain residents over the weekend 03/27/2023
Storm Response Update – County assistance centers welcome and serve hundreds of mountain residents 03/26/2023
Storm Response Update – County crews service all public roads ahead of schedule 03/24/2023
County Update 03/24/2023
Storm Response Update – County crews make quick progress clearing public roads 03/23/2023
Storm Response Update – County's coordinated storm response tackles snow all night 03/22/2023
Storm Response Update – County Snow Plowing Efforts are in Full Force 03/21/2023
Storm Response Update – County poised for storm response 03/20/2023
Storm Response Update – County prepares for coming storm 03/18/2023
Storm Response Update – Beware of potholes, and report them! 03/17/2023
County Update 03/17/2023
County Update 03/10/2023
County Update 03/03/2023
County Update 02/27/2023
County Update 12/16/2022
County Update 12/02/2022
County Update 11/10/2022


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See Click Fix Reporting Problems Easy

SeeClickFix Makes Reporting Problems Easy

As the clean up and Storm Response continues in the mountains, now is a great time to download San Bernardino County’s SeeClickFix app. It’s free and it allows county residents to provide the County Public Works team with pictures, videos, and descriptions of issues in areas maintained by County Public Works Transportation, Special Districts, or Flood Control.

SeeClickFix allows residents to request cindering on local roads and report issues such as snow damage or cars blocking snow plows. The app can also be used to report flooding, blocked storm drains, and potholes.

You can download the app at Google Play or the Apple App Store. Get more information at the Department of Public Works website.

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